Battery Testing

Battery Testing

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as turning the key to your vehicle and… nothing happens. A dead car battery can be a hassle, preventing you from moving on with your day, hitting the road, and getting back to your busy life.

Whether or not you accidentally leave your headlights on overnight, car batteries can fail with age.

Over time, the battery loses voltage faster, which means they may die more frequently or not contain enough power to start your engine.

Even if your battery is operating normally, a too-low charge could mean your vehicle is unable to start in cold weather. Low temperatures affect the voltage and performance of your battery.

Bring your vehicle into Allstar Automotive – our certified technicians will test the condition of your battery and give you the peace of mind knowing your battery can reliably start your vehicle!

With this car battery test, we’ll be able to tell if your battery is good (which can accept and hold a charge and produce enough amps to start your engine) and can be recharged, or if your battery needs replaced.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and battery testers mean we can quickly assess the condition of your car battery and get you safely on the road.

If your vehicle is having trouble starting or you frequently must jump start your vehicle, bring it to the experts at Allstar Automotive – call us at (631) 734-7788 .